Different Weird Acts of Cats and Dogs

If you are a pet owner, you most often find your pets doing some weird things that you will not understand at the moment. Have you ever noticed any weird thing about your pup or kitty? If your pets are doing something weird, you are not alone in this world. Going back into their past, you can easily find out the answer to their weird things. For example, dogs have pack behaviors, so dogs are actually domesticated wolves so it really makes a sense of their packing nature. Furthermore, cats were lonesome hunters so with the passage of time they didn’t lose this habit entirely. When dogs come and wag the tails of the cats, they purr and show surprising behavior.

1. The Muzzle Grasp

During the hang out of two dogs, another dog appears and try to bite the other’s muzzle. It can be a completely shocking act for a dog owner. However, it is not something you should be worried about. It is totally a social behavior that they adopted from their ancestors i.e. wolfs. By interfering in other privacy, dogs affirm their social relations.

Muzzle grasping is most often happening between two dogs who are familiar with each other. If your dogs approach you in a case that they are puffing its nose, you should gently grasp their muzzle and assure them to keep them happy and secure. They will become happy because of this kind of act

2. Cat in the box

If you are a cat owner, you will most probably know that cats really love cardboard boxes. Either they are small cats or big tigers, they both love with the box and really like to sit in the boxes even the box barely fit them. It seems that box provide them safe and enclosed space which reduce their stress and anxiety and it can try somehow for domestic cats at least.

Cats extremely like a place where they can look at others but others are not capable to look at them. They like to hide from both prey and predators so boxes are really helpful in this regard.

3. The head tilt

You most probably have been noticed that when you talked to your dogs and they tilt their head to the side. Isn’t it cute? The question is why they do so? Scientists don’t really know about it why they really do so? However, they do have some interesting and plausible hypothesis.

A dog may do so just to get a better view of your facial expression or they want to hear you more clearly. These can be two scenarios according to some scientists.

4. Flehmen response

Have you ever look a funny look on your cat’s face? That’s called flehmen. Open mouth with drawn back lips, your cat may be looked disgusted. Don’t be furious. In this case, cats try to smell.

5. Yawning

While yawning, a person seems bored or really tired. In dogs, yawning is a different thing. If your dog is yawning, it means a dog is in pacifying behavior. He is showing peace and friendship to you. It is a sign that it will not harm you so there is no need for terrifying.  

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