Top 7 Surprising Things Dogs Can Smell

Everyone knows that dogs have a strong sense of smelling capability. In this guide, we will describe seven unusual and amazing facts about the things, a dog may find out by just smelling.

1. Change in the glucose blood level

Different studies confirm these facts that dogs are capable to smell a drop in the glucose blood level. They have the capability to identify a change in glucose just by smelling the sweat. Furthermore, studies show that dogs can analyze behavioral changes in human beings.

Therefore, whenever your pet smell you and it goes a wrong way or you are unnaturally sleepy, your pet will start acting. A dog will become anxious and start showing stress signs. At that moment, your dogs will try their best to get your attention as soon as possible.

2. Cancer

You will be amazed to know that your dog is capable to smell cancer. Different scientists explain that cancer changes the rate of cell formation and change the working of cells in order to grow the tumor. The damaged cells produce an explicit type of protein. So a dog can smell this protein.

Researchers show that dogs can detect lung cancer with breathing. Furthermore, dogs are capable to detect prostate or bladder cancer just by smelling the urine. Researchers are working in this field and getting reliable results in cancer tracing. Nowadays, you can find sniffer dogs in different clinics where they are utilized to detect breast cancer.

3. Identity

We recognize people by looking at them but dogs differentiate people by using smell. It means, there is a unique fingerprint of the identity of everyone in the nose of a dog. Dogs are extremely intelligent in this regards. If someone changes his odor by using perfume or mixed after meeting with other people, dogs can still recognize you.

4.Epileptics seizures

Scientists confirm that dogs have the capability to detect an epileptic seizure even before it starts. It can detect it up to 45 minutes before starting. These pets are capable to sense a peculiar smell that precedes the medical conditions. When dogs become aware of such danger, they pay your attention to this issue by barking and will remain close with you to protect you.

5. Your interaction with other dogs

Dogs exchanges messages via pheromones that are found in their skin, fur, urine, and fecal matter. Therefore, if you visited your friend having a dog, your doggie will know all about it. Your dog will become familiar with every minute details about who you have interacted with.

6. Pregnancy

A dog is capable to detect even a minute change in your body odor. During pregnancy, the body goes through from different hormonal changes that your dog can easily detect. According to different experts, dogs are capable to detect different stages of pregnancy as well.

7. A storm or hurricane

Animals are much more close to nature as compared to a human. Nowadays, studies prove that dogs can smell even a slight change in the air that makes them capable to forecast a storm or a disaster. Dogs can sense geomagnetic fields and vibrations that really make their prediction trustworthy.