5 Incredible Steps To Correct Inappropriate Dog Chewing

Inappropriate chewing is the most common problem in young pups. Dogs explore the world around them using their mouth. Although chewing is quite normal for dogs, it becomes irritating behavior when they chew inappropriate objects like furniture and shoes.

You must guide and provide them appropriate objects for chewing. Otherwise, inappropriate chewing can lead to large scale destruction of property. Besides, it can be a cause of the medical problem and affect the human-animal bond.

A dog’s deciduous teeth are replaced with permanent teeth within four to six months of age gradually. So in this period, puppies chew different objects more during this period. Because their gums compel them to chew something. So this act of chewing gives them comfort.

Here are 5 important steps to correct inappropriate dog chewing before it becomes more critical:

Rule Out Medical Problems

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your pup doesn’t have any serious medical problems. Because nutritional deficiencies or intestinal parasitism can lead your pup to pica. As a result, dogs can start inappropriate chewing.

Besides, gastrointestinal problems can lead to nausea. So it can trigger chewing as a coping mechanism. So it is very important to consult your vet. And try to find out a medical problem if that exists.

Puppy Proofing

Try to remove all possible dangers around your puppy. Use different chemicals and keep the den of your dog clean to prevent your dog from harmful diseases. It will be better if you grow potentially toxic plants.

Further, remove all chewable objects to prevent your pup from chewing. The objects can be electrical cords, shoes, socks and children’s toys.

Encourage Appropriate Chewing

It is crucial to provide them appropriate chew toys for enjoyment. Each dog may have different preferences for chewing and playing with. However, be careful with beef bones and rawhide. Because pups can whittle them down to little pieces that can be swallowed easily. The small pieces can be very harmful to your pups. It is very important to consult your vet for choosing appropriate chewing toys.

Discourage Inappropriate Chewing

By removing chewable objects from the access of your dogs, you have already minimized the inappropriate chewing. Still, if you find your dog chewing on something inappropriate, take the object away and scold them.

Contrary to this, when your dog chews on an appropriate thing, praise them. Encourage them to chew on the appropriate object. Further, provide them their favorite treat when they pick up the right chewing object.

So gradually, your dog will learn which objects are appropriate for chewing and which are not. Sometimes it will be difficult for your dog to change the chewing toy. So you can add taste deterrents like a bitter apple. This will help you to change the chewing habit of your pup.

Engage in Playtime With Your Dog

When you spare your time to play with your four-legged friends, they forget everything and play with you. So spend your time playing and exercising with your pups regularly. It will strengthen the human-animal bond. Plus, your pups might easily change their inappropriate chewing behaviors.

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