16 Signs that show your care for your dog

Most of the people who really love their pups consider that dogs are particularly furry angles come from the heavens. So these people prefer their needs and fulfill their requirements before themselves. Maybe it is a surprising thing for common people but not for dog owners that put their dog’s needs before themselves even.

Do you think you don’t pamper your dog than yourself? If so, then read this guide completely. You will come to know after reading this article, you definitely pamper your pup more than yourself. Here are the sixteen sign to prove these facts:

1 . Do you take your dog regularly to the groomer and trim your own bangs by your own at home? If yes, it clearly shows that you give your dog priority over you in this case.

2 . Most dog owners take their pups in the dog park to socialize regularly and give their time to the dogs. On the other hand when your friend asks you to go for an outing and you excuse them and tell your friend that you are really tired and can’t go with them. It means you have enough time for your dog but no for yourself.

3 . You have two Instagram account one for your dog and another for you. Your dog’s Instagram account contains more than 1K followers because you give your time in posting your pup’s pictures regularly. One the other side of the coin, you have only 300 followers including your grandma who one just signed up.

4 . You immediately take your pup outside to pee when your pup starts barking. However, when it comes to you, you wait until your bladder is about to burst and then you leave to pee.

5 . Most of the time, you sit in an extremely uncomfortable position for a long time span just because your sweet pup is in sweet slumber and you don’t want to disturb his sleep at any cost.

6 . You hand-feed your dog organic treat and then you eat something after eating your pup because you return back late from your office.

7 . If you find that your dog is sneezing, you immediately schedule an appointment with your vet. However, you don’t dare to go to the doctor unless you have at least 103-degree fever.

8 . You continuously buy toys for your dog from the market and continue to utilize your phone even with a shattered screen.

9 . You spend your money on paraben and sulfate-free organic shampoo to keep your pup’s hair fresh. However, use whatever you find on sale at the drugstore for your own use.

10 . You purchase a collar for your dog most frequently but when it comes to you, you wear the same jeans that you bought on sale when you were in high school.

11 . You clean your pup’s paw regularly but how long you don’t wash your feet?

12 . You celebrate your dog’s birthday regularly and make arrangement for decorations. However, don’t make a fuss on your own special day.

13 . When your cellphone memory is filled, you delete your own pictures but not your pups.

14 . Your dog bed contains fluffy memory foam but you sleep on an outdated mattress.

15 . You regularly examine your pup’s teeth to the dentist. However, have you remembered to schedule a dentist appointment?

16. You pay someone if he helps your dog in exercise, but your gym membership goes unused for a long time.

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